Sweater song


{ Quinn sweater c/o, James jeans, Zara heels }

♫♪ Hedley — Sweater song

Generally thick chunky sweaters don’t work if you have a chest (i.e., boobs). And while there are many looks I stay away from out of consideration of my curves, I always long for a cozy knit. Especially during winter weekends in New York. I was so thrilled when I found this one, with its boxy cut and bat-wing sleeves making it universally flattering. So thrilled I wore it Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



  1. That sweater looks fantastic! It’s really hard for me to find chunky sweaters that look good on me…but I will never give up!

  2. Fabulous Lainey! I love the sleek black pant and pump paired with a cosy, chunky knit 🙂

    Only problem I encounter is keeping the pants from attracting sweater fuzz…(always keep a lint roller in my bag)

  3. I very briefly worked at a high-end boutique and every shirt was made for someone with a triple A cup, but batwing sleeves are definitely a god send! Love the look.

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