Like a baby…


The past few weeks have been so strange, a roller coaster full of amazingly exciting moments and contrastingly low, sad ones. All of it has led to feeling really overwhelmed and anxious. My first instinct in times like these is to call everyone I know, make tons of plans, and make myself so busy that I don’t have time to think about what’s going on. A pretty obvious case of professional grade avoidance.

But, I was once told that when life it too much, to treat yourself like you would treat a baby (or kitten/puppy). You wouldn’t take a sensitive little baby out into the cold and overwhelm them with noise and cocktails. Instead, you should take baths, eat oatmeal, and get wrapped up in a blanket.

It sounds cheesy, but it’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. So, instead of going out this weekend, I’m spending a couple quiet days upstate. Reflecting. Resetting. Treating myself like a baby. xx




  1. Had this kind of week as well…and you absolutely right, bubble baths, netflix, lemon green tea is the way to go. And remember everything will turn out fine!

  2. wow we must be on the same wavelength this week- i’ve been babying myself all week long. taking baths (which i never do), drinking cup after cup of tea and spending more time on the couch under a heating pad than anywhere else. it’s worked wonders for me, hope it helps you too! xo

    • I agree. We also drink hot cups of milk with honey in it; It is very soothing and good for the soul, but no caffeine! You should try this too!

  3. Hi Laney,
    I love your blog. I just wanted to ask you wear your dainty gold ring is from?

    Thank you so much, take care.

    • Hi Racheal, I’m not quite sure which once you’re talking about, most of delicate rings are from Helen Ficalora. My pinky ring is from XIV Karets in LA. Let me know if this helps. Thanks, Laney

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