Love is a drug like chocolate like cigarettes


{Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply jean jacket, Current/Elliot jeans, Schoolhouse tee, Zara heels, Tom Ford sunglasses, LL Bean tote}

♫♪ Mika — Origin of Love

I often think I should have named my blog “T-shirts and Jeans”, because really it’s all I want to wear/talk about. I would profile all the best t-shirts, especially the thin gauzy kind and analyze my favorite skinny and wide legs jeans ad nauseam. T-shirts and jeans 24/7. For example, these are my favorite distressed jeans from Current/Elliot, and since I’m a sucker for logo tees, I couldn’t pass this one up (you can get it 20% off here by using the code “ROMANCE”). Boom, there we go, first “T-shirt and jeans” post plus a hook up.




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  2. I completely agree! I believe there’s something inherently sexy about t-shirts and jeans…especially when you amp it up with heels. As someone who will always be a tomboy @ heart this will be a go-to outfit forever. I also like the idea of topping the outfit off with a baseball cap.

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