‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane


{ ADAM jacket, LNA tee, Rebecca Taylor pants, GEOX flats, Alexander Wang purse,  Temperley London luggage }

♫♪ John Denver –Leaving on a Jet Plane

When I was growing up we used to get dressed up when flying. But, now that I travel quite a bit for work I have to strike a balance between being comfortable and looking put together. My go-to plane outfit is always:

1) ballet flats, to slip in and out of easily

2) silk drawstring pants, 5 hours in skinny jeans is not about to happen

3) a fitted cotton tee

4) my favorite leather jacket

5) a baseball cap to hide that I haven’t washed my hair, although technically this should be a Giants hat

6) a large cashmere wrap to use as a scarf while leaving NYC and a blanket while on the plane

And then, most importantly, only carry-on luggage. Checking is for suckers.




  1. I hate the hooplah with flying. I want to make it big just so I can buy a private jet and wear sweats with my down slippers, and sit unlady like, and not have to deal with the creepy people I always get stuck next to. Love your look.

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