L.A. sushi


The traditional japanese restaurants in Southern California are incredible, and the first thing I do when I land in L.A. is meet my friend Charlene for a big sushi dinner.  My favorite are those that only serve Omakase, which means “I’ll leave it to you”, and the chef decides what you will eat. You get uni and squid, albacore and octopus, each more delicate than the last. Typically these little restaurants are found in unappealing strip malls, but don’t be fooled, the fish practically melts in your mouth.

These pictures are from the new Sushi Sasabune in Beverly Hills, but I also love and frequent Sushi Park and Sushi Zo.




  1. Thanks for the strip mall hint. It’s horrible going to a really fancy looking sushi place and walking away with a significantly lighter wallet and disappointed taste buds.

  2. Have you been to SugarFish in Santa Monica? I think there are a few locations…I went a few weekends ago and the Omakase is amazingggggg! Thanks for the other recs, can’t wait to try next time I’m out there!

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