Diamond rings

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 12.02.01 PM{ Jacquie Aiche diamond ring, $110, shopbop.com }

Delicate, simple, easy– I’m a little obsessed with this ring. I have a bunch similar from Helen Ficalora, but with it’s hammered edges and bezel-set diamond, this one is just… perfect. And I’m a firm believer that women should buy themselves diamonds from time to time. It’s kinda empowering. Speaking of rings, Dawn and I are planning on going to Catbird this weekend to investigate their first knuckle rings that have all the NY girls abuzz. Have you seen them? What do you think?



  1. I love them and think they’re cute as I own a couple myself…the only “issue” is that I’m constantly worried I’m going to lose one! And such a timely post, I wanted to check out a new jewelry store this weekend. Looking for delicate gold necklaces to wear this summer. Any other store recommendations?

  2. Catbird is one of my favorite places – I love their dainty rings and wear them almost every day. That being said, I did have a knuckle ring from there, and it fell off constantly. Maybe because it’s such a delicate ring? I ended up swapping for another one. Enjoy!

  3. Agreed! For a college grad gift I bought myself a marcia moran druzy ring and since I wear my late grams pink sapphire on my right ring finger I wear this one on my left. No shame. Total empowerment 🙂

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