The Catbird Effect


A few weeks ago I was catching up with the famously hip Eva Chen. The purveyor of all things chic and trendy, she convinced me to make the trek to Brooklyn to her favorite Williamsburg boutique, Catbird. Everyone has been buzzing about their knuckle rings– Eva aptly dubbed this “The Catbird Effect”– and while it was a trek, I finally went last week. I loaded up on tons of teeny tiny rings and a bottle of their love potion (obviously). Everything in there is exactly what you want, pretty and feminine, yet cool and unique. If you haven’t been yet, go immediately; and if you’re not in New York, their website is pretty great too.

219 Bedford Ave  Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-3457




  1. Hey Laney.. I am totally intrigued by the pictures of Catbird. Looks to be exactly my kind of shop! Unfortunately, I
    live in West Texas, and that’s a bit of a trec, to say the least! Anyway, you mentioned their website? Am I missing it,
    overlooking it, or did you maybe simply not include it? I’d appreciate your reply!

    Thanks so much… best of luck with your career and the juggling of living and working in an amazing city! I’m quite envious.


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