At-home facial

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 1.49.33 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-11 at 1.33.28 PM

I’m not sure if it’s the weather or all the traveling, but my skin is freaking out. Breaking out, dry and yet simultaneously oily (wtf?), tired looking… Instead of paying lots of money for a facial, that sometimes makes me breakout more, I took a few hours Sunday to do one at home with products I knew wouldn’t irritate my face.

Here’s what my at-home facial looks like:

I start out by washing my face with Cetaphil, it’s incredibly mild and so cheap it’s almost free. I use Bobbi Brown’s makeup remover to take off any mascara or eyeliner. It’s conditioning so it doesn’t dry out the delicate skin under your eyes. My Clarisonic is fantastic for that super clean feeling (but I’m careful not to over use it because I’ve heard that it can really dehydrate your skin) and then I’ll use Clinique’s scrub if I feel like I need extra exfoliation. Afterwards I’ll do two masks: Origin’s 10 Minute mask to do a deep clean and then the SK-II Facial Treatment mask to hydrate. It is pretty expensive, but is luxurious and effective, and the perfect thing to put on while watching TV.  Afterwards I massage my face with African Botanicals Marula Oil, it’s a more light weight version of the Rodin Oil that I know everyone loves, but that is actually really heavy. I religiously use Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, and not just because I work there. On my lips and hands I put Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Oil which is even better than Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream.



  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ve been itching to get my hands on a Clarisonic, but its so darn pricey! I have been breaking out and I hear that exfoliating could help combat acne. What do you think? Is it worth the dough or should I just stick to a good old wash rag?

    • I think it’s a good investment. But i would use it only once a week or only when the skin feels like it starting to get dull. I have very acne-prone, super sensitive, combo skin.

  2. I use hot water, a clean wash rag, and Aveda soap, followed by Lubriderm. So far, it works for me, but these look like very good idea also!

  3. I looovveee the SK-II masks (worth the money!!) and Clinique’s exfoliating scrub. I’m also loving Joanna Vargas’ exfoliating mask for my sensitive, yet acneic skin. pja6 – if you have moderate to severe acne, I would stay away from a Clarisonic – it will only exacerbate the problem (as per my very pricey derm).

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