Don’t lie, you’ve got it all figured out


{ Robert Rodriguez Burnout sweatshirt, Zara skirt, Manolo Blahnik heels, Rayban sunglasses, Pamela Barsky pouch }

♫♪ Brett Eldredge — Don’t Ya 

Going to work in a corporate office can suck for many reasons (it’s also great but that’s a different post). One of the not so fantastic things about it is that you have to dress in appropriate office attire. Personally I feel the most comfortable when I’m in jeans and a t-shirt, not a pencil skirt and button down, so when I go to work I often don’t feel much like myself. Mixing in fancy/casual pieces, like this sweatshirt, can make a uptown outfit instantly more downtown, i.e., more me.




  1. I have the same dilemma, having just started working in an office. We have more of a “smart casual” dress code so perfect for outfits like this but it’s sometimes still a challenge getting dressed in the morning. You’ve nailed it, though. Love your outfit.

  2. Luckily I work from home now, but I completely feel the same way about corporate attire. I also try to bring a bit of “me” into my work ensembles as well. I just bought that same pouch! great minds with similar taste…love it!

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