Upcoming travels


My incredible cousin Claudine has decided to move down to Todos Santos, Mexico for 6 months to start a true farm to table restaurant. After a little research, namely this New York Times article and this Daily Beast piece, hailing it the undiscovered getaway, I decided I have to go. I learned that Todos Santos is incredibly cool, but not in a Tulum, everyone-in-fashion-goes-there sorta way. In an actually cool, people-who-don’t-want-a-scene sorta way. I’m planning on doing roadtrip down to visit her around Christmas time, sign up for surfing lessons and yoga classes, hike, and eat some of her amazing food. Here are a couple of the photos I’ve been staring at all morning (and yes, I’m renting the house with the dreamy pool).

Todos-Santos-Beach-1Landschaft bei Todos los Santos, Guatemala 1996Todos_Santos_Houses_-_Gracia_Studio_Sandra_Mu_oz-1the-big-curtain-todos-santos-surfing_00151539



  1. Oh my god! That wave looks like Victoria Falls! I hope the fresh water there is as clean. Whatever you do, have a great time and keep on blogging!

  2. This just makes me forget all the troubles life comes with. It makes me feel (once again) how much there is to do and go and see and feel. I hope life turns out the way I want it to be. Your posts are great!

  3. I recently moved to Todos and love it here. I’d love to know more about your cousin’s restaurant. There are two great farm-to-table restaurants an hour away in Los Cabos that I know of but I was just thinking the other day we could really use one here in TS. 🙂

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