Whereever you sit


When I sit down to meditate (and if I’m at home, always in the big white chair tucked into the living room corner), I sometimes read from a book of poems by Rumi to center, aka un-New York, myself . This poem, Whereever You Sit, is one of my favorites. It reminds me to be positive, a quality that isn’t necessarily inherit to me. Kinda like someone tapping me on the shoulder, “Hey, hey you, yeah you with unbrushed long brown hair and snapback, remember what we talked about?” The words are just so appealing, making everything feel close and manageable and loving.  I hope it resonates with you, as it does me.




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    -Susannah Joffe

  2. Reblogged this on CarlyRyann and commented:
    I wanted to reblog this because i was fascinated by the meaning behind some of the words, and how it relates to my life. This is important to me, and wanted to share it. If you think you will not get through a tough time, look again, and be patient. Your time will come. Everything always gets better, don’t loose hope ever.

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