What’s your guilty pleasure, your old go to?


{ Tom Ford sunglasses, J.Crew necklace on top (on sale!), J.Crew necklace underneath (on sale!)}

♫♪ Blake Shelton — Mine Would Be You

For the past two months I’ve been training for a half marathon (the race is next weekend in exotic Pennsylvania). Since I’m not the fastest, running 8-10 miles before work leaves me little time to get ready. My hair has been up in a messy bun more than not, and I’ve pretty much abandoned any makeup– leaving tired, always hungry, carb lovin’ me.  My strategy has been to embrace large statement necklaces and oversized sunglasses, hopefully taking the attention away from my disheveled self, and I think it kinda works… maybe?



  1. Good luck for your half marathon. Fingers crossed . First of all: I hope you’ll enjoy . Le marathon de Paris l’année prochaine?

  2. Have a great half marathon! Now I will be looking for sale JCrew pieces. I am loving your blog, along with poems and travel pictures. Do you have any suggestions for the best brand to buy a well fitted black blazer?

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