New makeup: RMS Beauty


A few weeks ago I realized that I was putting a lot of effort into what I put into my body (organic, Non-GMO, local food) but not what I put on my skin. This aha moment also happened because I was breaking out– badly. So, I did some research and found an organic brand that performs and doesn’t look like I got it at Whole Foods. It’s called RMS Beauty  and I’m officially obsessed (what really sold me was when I found out the line’s cult Living Luminizer is what make the J.Crew models look so amazing).

It’s made with an organic coconut oil base so not only is it doing good things for your skin, it melts in for an incredibly dewy finish. Featured here: Un coverup in shade 22, Lip2Cheek in Smile, and Beauty Cream Eye Shadow in Seduce and my favorite lip glosses, Eve Lom Kiss Mix and AERIN lip gloss in Golden Kiss.

Happy to report my skin is doing much better btw.




  1. I’ve been using RMS for years and I LOVE it. Not only did my skin dramatically improve, I constantly get compliments on how refreshed I look. I use The Luminizer, Lip to Cheek in Smile and Uncover Up daily. Rose Marie Swift is a genius with make up and a genuinely nice lady.

      • Hi! All is well. How are you? The other product that I love wearing is Diabolique which is one of the lipstick colors. It’s the perfect red! xxd

  2. Exciting! Gorgeous shots 🙂 Glad you’ve found your bliss! I tried rms a few years back and unfortunately my skin did not tolerate coconut oil on my face whatsoever. Another clean brand full of goodness that’s truly amazing is Lily Lolo, they do all mineral makeup and have incredible colors, pigmented and superbly beautiful (eye shadows, blush, foundation, lips, you name it!). Enjoy your new makeup 🙂

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