There is the kind of trip that’s so great you don’t want to end, and then there’s the kind of trip that is so perfect you accept its finality because wanting more would just be greedy. A few weeks ago we went to Calistoga for a couple days and it was just that. Our first day there we slide from our perfect little bungalow room at Solage to The Model bakery for morning buns and coffee in St. Helena, after which we counteracted the coffee with organic wine at the Ackerman Family Vineyards. Followed of course by ahi tuna tacos at Gott’s Roadside and a walk through Oxbow Public Market. A little nap and then an 18-course dinner at Meadowood, which was one of the best and most memorable meals of my life. We sleepily spent the next day biking around Calistoga, grabbing coffee and muffins at the farmer’s market, and relaxing at the spa. It was, as I said, simply perfect.




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