The perfect day in Brooklyn



Lately I can’t get enough of Brooklyn. We’ve been exploring different neighborhoods and eating at the most incredible restaurants. If I were going to plan a perfect day there, here’s what it would look like:

The morning would start at Toby’s Estate for coffee. Then we would head down to Dumbo to sit beneath the bridges and admire their statuesque beauty. Elle, Joe, Megan and Stephan would come meet us with their beautiful babies and we would walk along the waterfront up to Brooklyn Heights.

At this point we would be hungry so we’d go to Bushwich to have pizza at Roberta’s. This place has been around for awhile and I thought that there was no way it was going to live up to the hype. I was strongly proved wrong the second the duck prosciutto came out. Their bread and pizza is where it’s at.

After that we’d head to Catbird in Williamsburg to buy some new delicate jewelry. I’d replace my threadbare ring since it is misshapen from all the wear, most likely I’d scoop up a new earring or necklace and then stock up on little presents for my friends (like their love potion and Mermaid shampoo).

We’d walk around, maybe stop at the pool at the McCarren Hotel or the roof top at the Wythe Hotel, and then get a pasta dinner at Marco’s in Flatbush. This place is so good it’s almost too good. Starting with the anchovy sandwich and ending with the Tagliatelle with prosciutto di parma. We’d save room for ice-cream at Amble Hills Creamery, where’d I’d get half The Munchies and half The Raw Deal.

I’d love to know what your favorite spots in Brooklyn are! Where are do you love to go? Please send your you recommendations.





  1. Oh did you read our blog on Williamsburg bridge? That guy Steven Duncan climbing the bridge in the middle of the night with just a camera and nothing else? Pretty incredible, he also does a bunch of other “adventures” around NYC, showing some very hidden places. Check it out if you got some time 😉 nice blog btw! Cheers

  2. Hey there, thank you for sharing your favorite places. I lived in Prospect Heights (Brooklyn) for few months before moving to Manhattan. I still go back to Brooklyn often and try to explore new places. Here are some I would recommend:

    – Sweetwater and café Colette (Williamsburg), Five leaves (Green Point) and Rosewater (Park Slope) for excellent brunch
    – Bakeri (Williamsburg) for sweet tooth
    – Brooklyn museum (Park Slope) for their temporary exhibitions
    – Nitehawk cinema (Williamsburg) where you can be served food while watching a movie
    – Beacon’s Closet (Park Slope) for secondhand shopping (I prefer this location than the one in Williamsburg which is too packed)
    – Hotel Delmano (Williamsburg) and The Drink (Bushwick) for cocktails
    – Cubana Social (Williamsburg), a latin restaurant and bar where they have live Cuban music on Saturdays

    If you are interested, I just posted an article on East Village (in Spanish) on my blog Desarrollo Peregrino : Enjoy the reading and discoveries,



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