Summer Vacation


For the past eleven days, my boyfriend and I have been exploring Long Island. It was our first real vacation–  up until this point we had really only gone on 3 or 4 day trips together. We started out in Westhampton for a wedding on the beach with Shawn’s family. The next day we drove to Northfork, spent some time at Orient Beach State Park and had an amazing dinner in Greenport at Northfork Table and Inn. In the morning we took the ferry to Shelter Island where we immediately settled into a rosé and oyster-filled lunch at Sunset Beach. After a long nap and the most perfect sunset we went to Vine Street Café for a late dinner (if you go, you must get the calamari salad). Early the next morning we left for Block Island. There we stayed at Spring House Hotel and played tourist for a couple days. On Thursday we went to Montauk and spent two days with my boyfriend’s parents at their house. We had the best time watching the surfers at Ditch Plains, vintage shopping at Melet Mercantile, and eating stuffed lobster at Dave’s Grill. We even had time to go to Duryea’s one last time for lobster rolls and watch the sunset from Montauket. On Friday we went back to Southampton for the long weekend. It was only a week, but it felt like such an adventure– one that I was sad to see end.

More of my favorite places:

Workout: Pure Barre in Southampton and Total Body Challenge at Body Tech in Montauk

Coffee: Iced Dream Coffee out of the tap at Sylvestor & Co in Sag Harbor

Lunch: Silver’s in Southampton (you have to get the crab cakes)

Breakfast: Wraps and chia seed pudding at Joni’s in Montauk

Frozen Yogurt: BuddhaBerry in Sag Harbor (it’s amazing)

Shopping: Tenet in Southampton





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  2. The tacos look delicious! I’ve never been to Long Island, but I have done some travelling in the USA and your food is fantastic – the fish in Bar Harbour was incredible, and now I want to go to Long Island!

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