The perfect “Emmanuelle Alt” button down

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.37.24 PM


I found the perfect button-down! It’s the slouchy-yet-sexy, shows-a-little-boob, casual-cool shirt that I’ve been looking for since I saw this street style perfection of Emmanuelle Alt. Last summer I was shopping with my boyfriend at our favorite store out east, Tenet. It has men’s and women’s clothing and they have a couch so whoever is done shopping first can sit, hangout, and not be annoyed that the other person is taking so long. I was helping him look for shirts when I found this one by Gitman Bros Vintage. I have the men’s medium, in the lightest cotton so it’s slouchy, I tuck it in the front of my jeans so it feels feminine, and I let the back hang out so it feels easy. Just like E.A.



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