Avocado chocolate almond pudding


Jell-O pudding cups. The ones that only have 3 bites and vaguely taste like soft chocolate plastic (but in a really really good way). I love those guys. When I was little I would beg for them every trip to the grocery store. Well, here is my attempt to adult-ify them. These are raw, vegan and free from refined sugar. The key is the avocado. You won’t taste it, you’ll just sense it. It makes the pudding soft and velvety, just like the original. I added almond butter for protein and to give depth to the flavors. The result is an incredibly rich, decadent dessert that’s also nutrient-filled and heart healthy. My favorite part though, might just be the coconut whipped cream. It’s so good I could have eaten the whole bowl. Or maybe I did eat the whole bowl. Whatever, don’t judge til you make it.

Avocado chocolate almond pudding

2 avocados

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2 T raw almond butter

1/2 cup Bali Nutra coconut syrup or maple syrup

1/2 cup almond milk

1 ripe banana (optional)

2 T coconut sugar

1 can of coconut cream or coconut milk

Place the can of coconut cream or coconut milk in the fridge overnight. An hour before getting ready to serve, put a stainless steel or glass bowl and electric mixer attachments in the fridge as well.

Scoop out the avocado meat and discard the peel and pits from the two avocados. Put in blender or food processor with the cocoa powder, almond butter, syrup, almond milk and banana (if you want it to be a little sweeter, which I did). Blend until very smooth. You’ll have to stop the blender and push the ingredients down a couple times to get everything incorporated. Feel free to taste and adjust the consistency and sweetness levels by adding more almond milk or chocolate.

Spoon into individual cups.

Take the can of coconut cream or milk, the bowl and the mixer attachments out of the fridge. If you are using cream, empty the whole can into the bowl. If you are using milk, just take the top level of white coconut meat out of the can and save the coconut water at the bottom for your smoothie the next day (or just drink it if you’re thirsty from all your cooking). Whip the cream with an electric mixer until it is fluffy. If you want it to be extra fluffy add a little powder sugar. I think it’s fantastic (and healthier) without.

Spoon a little cream on top of the pudding and dust with a little coconut sugar or cocoa powder.

Enjoy with a glass of ice-cold nut milk.




  1. Mmm, I love avocado pudding! Haven’t made it in a few years, though I noticed at the co-op this morning all the avocados were super ripe; guess I know what I’m making this afternoon 😉

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