Summer road trip

I just got back from a roadtrip to California and Oregon. We drove up the coast from San Francisco to Portland and wow did I fall in love. There are few words to describe those beaches, unbelievable, incredible, and epic are a few but I don’t know if they do justice. Every corner I wanted to pull over and take pictures. Every overlook was more awe-invoking than the last. Here are a couple pictures to show you what I mean.

Our itinerary:

The first day: Started in San Rafael, CA where my family is, and drove to Klamath, CA. We stopped at the Avenue of the Giants to see the amazing redwoods, had lunch in Garberville and stopped in Eureka and Arcata for some epic tie-dye t-shirt sitings.

The next day: we headed to Coos Bay, Oregon to see where my grandmother grew up. We picked up some fish at Chuck’s Seafood and had lunch at Sunset Beach. We spent the night in Florence. I can’t do the beach and dunes there justice. The sand seems to go forever.

On the third day we headed east to Newberg, Oregon in the heart of Pinot Noir county. We stayed at the Allison Inn, which was heaven. The rooms, restaurant and spa there were really amazing. 

The next day was Shawn’s birthday. We went wine tasting, got massages and had a beautiful dinner at The Painted Lady. We didn’t want the day to end.

For the last day of our road trip we hopped over to Portland. It was my first time there and I feel in love. We did the usual touristy stuff, visiting Powell’s bookstore and exploring Pearl District. I picked up a Pendleton blanket and had a cup at Courier Coffee. We had a dinner and drinks with friends in NE on the very cool Alberta street. 

Let’s just say it wasn’t easy to leave the next morning. Luckily we had a very fun wedding in LA the next day to look forward to. 





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