Saturday morning at Blue Ribbon Bakery


{ Shirt by Amour Vert– an incredibly cool & chic line that also happens to be eco-friendly (they plant a tree for every item you buy }

To some people Blue Ribbon Bakery represents skinny-jean-threatening carb-on-carb overdoses, but to me it’s just a collection of memories with my best friends. I’ve lived across the street from this cozy restaurant for 5 years, I had my 30th birthday there and  I’ve consummed endless late night glasses of wine (served with a side of chocolate bread pudding of course). This weekend I had brunch there for the first time and have to say, the french toast was a memory within itself.





“When we are in tune with the unknown, the known is peaceful.”

This weekend was one of those rare few days where the weather is just perfect and you have the right amount of plans (not to many, not too few). On Saturday I met up with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in months, and we strolled through the West Village streets leisurely, picking up juices and salads for a picnic in my favorite garden. As we sat amongst the trees, and a couple remaining flowers, everything felt right, free of anxiety. Often when I spend time with people, especially in New York, the conversation leans towards, what we want, what we’re missing, what we’re striving for, and while I appreciate the ambition, it feels so much more powerful to just be peaceful and grateful for the now.

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