GEek CHic

{Ray-ban glasses, vintage pashmina}

Yesterday we ducked outside for a mid-day, mid-thunderstorm photo shoot– hence the fuzzy and raindrop-y picture. I’ve recently acquired new glasses, fully embracing the super-dork trend, and I’ve gathered a selection of similar frames incase you are looking for a new pair too.

P.s. I think they cover up my no-makeup, hair-tied-together-with-a-paper-clip look quite nicely, don’t you?

1. Topman, $38,

2. Prism, $315,

3. Albert Maysles by Barton Perreira, $350.00,


REd CArpet STylings

{Yasmine Al Massri in a Toujouri dress, Elie Saab shoes, and Kara Ross bracelet}

I was recently asked to style the star from Julian Schnabel’s new film, Miral, for the red carpet. The lovely lady in question, Yasmine Al Massri, was a delight and we spent more time chatting about life and love than clothes.

Since the movie is about the Middle East I wanted to keep with local designers and choose to go for a rocker Cleopatra-esque look. The dress is from the Qatari designer I spoke about here, and the shoes are from Lebanese designer Elie Saab. A wrap-around snake bracelet completed the look.

Is it too soon to say, “Move over Rachel Zoe!”?