New pictures


It’s actually kinda wierd living in the same space, in my case a small one-bedroom in the West Village, for years. You move in and your furniture, whatever you put up on your walls, etc generally stays the same until you move. When you think about it it’s kinda strange, but I guess that’s what makes home so comforting, the consistency of it. But, sometimes that same thing that makes you feel cozy can start to become stale. To switch it up a bit I went online and ordered a bunch of new photographs and prints to add to my “art” collection.

I opted for more inexpensive options, namely from Etsy and Happy Menocal, but I think in the future I’ll invest from ArtSpace, 20×200 (currently under construction), and I would love a Max Wagner photograph. I framed them in these plain black frames from Bed, Bath and Beyond to tie everything together.



Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus


I’m on a home improvement kick and my first stop is the plant store. I need, must have, am obsessed with fig trees. My favorite thing about them, which was aptly described on Honestly…WTF where I got these photos from, is that they look like art sculptures with their large, stiff, and almost leather-like dark green leaves and graceful wooden stems. My living room is calling for one and best of all, they are super hard to kill, which is essential for non-plant people like me.