Moving on and out…

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After five amazing years in my West Village apartment, I’ve decided to put it on the market. This summer I moved in with my boyfriend, which was really exciting, but means that it’s time to move on, and out. I spent a lot of time in #3D, so this transition is a little bitter-sweet. It may sound strange, but over the years that apartment began to feel like it was part of me– my little jewelry box, holding so many memories and experiences.

It’s home to countless nights curled up on the couch with my girlfriends talking about life and love. It’s where I was taught to meditate, and where I learned almost everything I know about blogging and social media, which then turned into my career. It’s where I fell in love, broke up, had first kisses. It’s where Dawn and I had our tradition of Sunday night t.v. and frozen yogurt. It’s how I finally understood money and committing to something. It’s where Vivian and I got to pretend we were living in a real-life Friends episode. It’s where I did my first renovations. It’s where I grew up.

It was the stage for my New York life.

And that’s what makes me so happy to give it to someone. I know it’s potential– its special sauce. Something about being on those tree-lined streets, blocks away from the Hudson, soaked in so much delicious history, that just breeds magic.

If you live in New York and are looking to potentially buy, come to the open house on this Saturday, December 14th or the following Saturday, December 20th. Information here:

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Coffee Culture NYC


Recently I’ve become quite obsessed with exploring the best coffee shops in New York. You hear a couple whispers about a place, then you a see an Instagram or two, and then you know it’s a must-visit. Here are three of my current favorites: Third Rail is great if you want to get a muffin and then go sit in Washington Square Park. El Rey has lunch fare as well (and beers). Café Grumpy is great if you’re wandering walk through the Lower East Side and need a little energy. All of them have baristas that take their espresso very seriously and serve perfect cups of coffee. I like a cortado or an almond milk latte, with a little sugar.

1. Third Rail Coffee in Soho. 240 Sullivan Street

2. El Rey in the East Village. 100 Stanton Street

3. Café Grumpy in the Lower East Side. 13 Essex Street.