I’ve loved fashion ever since my school bus (I lived in Paris at the time) changed routes and went down the famed Avenue Montaigne. As I drove by the french fashion houses, Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Chanel, it was as if I was put under a spell. From that moment on I couldn’t get a enough of the magazines, the models, the shows.

That is, until I worked in fashion. For the past five years I have worked in New York City reporting to the Conde Nast building, Nina Garcia, Gucci, Anne Slowey. And I have to be honest, it’s just not me. I like eating cupcakes (fashion girls don’t do that), chatting on the phone with my grandparents (fashion girls don’t have time to do that), and talking about my real loves (not just my love for the latest Alexander Wang collection).

So while I will always relish finding a new designer and have a slight obsession with accessories, this blog is just about the good stuff. The stuff I love.


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