MArina and KImberly

Miss Marina

After work and before dinner, Dawn and I stopped by Kimberly Taylor‘s 9th Avenue boutique. Yes, the designs are absolutely fabulous, flattering, and very, very sexy, but I was more focused on the company. Marina, the head of Kimberly’s pr team, used to be my intern. And not just any intern, my most favorite intern of all time.

Dawn, Kimberly, Marina, and I caught up, gossiped, and shared work stories while trying on quite possibly the world’s more seductive clothes. Kimberly and Marina insisted that I take home this oh la la black-and-nude number which is definitely going to be my Friday (and probably Saturday) night outfit. My only concern is that after last night’s Chinatown dumpling venture, it might now be a tad tight.

Kimberly’s blue nails