LE WEekend

{ The kalamata olives make this the bestest martini in town }

Scenes from this weekend: martinis at The Waverly Inn, “my” beloved Alex Wang jacket that I keep revisiting at Barney’s, raspberry lemonade at Grey Dog, dancing until 3 (er, 5) am, more sugary drinks, new hair, and many, many cab rides.

P dot s, Looking back on it, I was somehow able to cram all of the above in to Friday night because I spent all of Saturday and Sunday holed up in my apartment hiding out from the cold. Impressive, non?

{ Aaron @ Cutler }



{Zara jacket, boots c/o Nine West, J.Crew sweater, fringe bag ?}

Last week I decided I needed a change. I was bored. So, I did what any bored girl does and  changed my hair. Without consulting any of my beauty editor friends, I printed out some pictures of Rachel and Rumi, walked over to Cutler, and got a new ‘do. It’s a little wild, but fun, and definitely not boring. The best part? It looks better messy so I get a little reprieve from my hair dryer.

{Pictures taken by Vivian xoxo}