Happiness, Inc.


Spring has sprung. Just like the flowers opening up on the trees, everyone seems to be out, smiling, happy (even if it’s barely warmer than L.A.’s coldest day). So, when I happened upon this article about happiness in the New York Times Sunday morning paper, it seemed too timely not to discuss. The article is about the author Sonja Lyubomirsky and according to her you have a happiness set point. She says it’s partly encoded in your genes and that no matter what happens, good or bad, you’ll always end up back at your set point. Well shit. I can just see this weekend’s happy New Yorkers out enjoying their favorite cup of coffee, reading that article and their smile deflating.

Having spent the last six months heavily devoted to practicing meditation and gratitude, I have to say, my experience has been very different. While by no means a research psychologist with a Ph.D, and my sample size is all of one, I can positively say that I’m happier, more alive feeling and joyful than ever before in my life. Anxiety especially has been a constant pillar of my emotional makeup since forever, and it’s such a relief to feel, well, essentially the opposite. I’m still new at this, still learning, but I can’t read an article like that and not want to discuss it. It also makes me wonder if Sonja factors in the soul to her research.

So, if any of my readers have any interest in meditation, please let me know, I’m *happy* to discuss. Also, here are some books that I love and are great intros to living a more whole-hearted life:

The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama

Everyday Grace by Marianna Williamson

Quiet Mind: A Beginners Guide to Meditation 

**I’ll update you on my favorite, fantastically inspirational podcasts next week