Gift Guiding

{ Jacques Levine slippers }

My favorite gifts to both give and receive are cozy, beautiful, and sweet, all infused with a sense of European chic. Like a luxe pair of slippers, a delicious smelling candle, or a simple pair of cute studs. They undoubtedly get used, as you can see by my collection of Diptyques, but they feel special and indulgent none the less.

{ InPink bow studs }

{ Diptyque candles }


HArper’s BAzaar HOLiday LOve

I was lucky enough to be included in Harper’s Bazaar Gift Guide roundup and thought I would share it with you guys as well. We were asked not what we would like to give to our love ones, but we wanted to receive, which actually turned out to be a much more difficult question to answer. Here is what I put down, but make sure to check out what all the other fabulous bloggers had to say as well here.

1. Unearthen ‘Titanium Quartz’ necklace, starting at $460,

Titanium Quatz is said to increase focus– which is something I could definitely use during the cold winter months– and, (as I’ve mentioned here) I’m obsessed with the cool bullet-shell setting.

2. Elizabeth and James, Rabbit-trimmed stretch-jersey blazer, $765,

Words do not describe how much I love this coat—it’s luxe-military vibe makes it the perfect piece for this season and many more to come.

3. YSL iPad case, $795, call 212-980-2970 for details

As an Apple-anything enthusiast and YSL devotee, I’ve been lusting over this timeless case since it came out. If only I had an ipad to fill it.

4. Deborah Lippmann ‘Across the Universe’ Nail Polish,

I could make do with the entire Deborah Lippman’s glitter collection, but I particularly love the cool jewel tone of this limited-edition color.

5. Ray Ban Sonnenbrillen 3029 Outdoorsman II, $190,

A California girl at heart, I’m never without my sunnies. I like that these manage to be simultaneously hip, classic, and give a little nod to Top Gun.

6. Thin Man DVD box set, $42,

There’s nothing better than a Thin Man mystery marathon on a rainy day, and I never cease to get inspiration from style icon Myrna Loy.