#AshsBach in Newport

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Here are some of the Instagrams from last weekend’s festivities. We started the weekend off at Diego’s for nachos and margaritas, where we met a sailing team that danced with us to Blurred Lines on repeat and supplied us with many a tequila shot. Saturday involved egg sandwiches at People’s Cafe, a boat ride to see the mansions, and dinner and dancing at Cooke House. Then we may or may not have ended up at an after party at one of the aforementioned mansions. Sunday we recovered at the incredibly exclusive and perfectly understated Bailey’s Beach Club. The best part of the weekend though was spending time with my girlfriends and celebrating one of my most favorite people. Despite my current exhaustion from just two days of partying, I have to admit, I kinda wish it wasn’t over.



Back from an incredible weekend in Newport. Here’s one of my favorite photos of the weekend taken at Bailey’s Beach Club. More to come… xx