THis LIttle PIggy

{Photos from my recent jaunt to Oman}

When I travel the first thing I seek out is the local market place. Whether it’s full of antiques, food, or touristy trinkets, I’m endlessly entertained by all the goods.

Maybe, it’s the countless hours I spend at my local Farmer’s Market in California because I feel utterly at home when wandering from stall to stall. Or, maybe it’s that although I don’t speak the local language, I kinda do: the language of shopping.

{If only I could bring all of these bobbles home…}

{And… I want every single one}

{And… I want two of each}



ORange CRush

{Marc by Marc Jacobs//}

Oman was just beyond. I think there was actually an entire day where I didn’t move from my beach chair. I got tan, finally, and got to play with my new bright orange lipstick (à la Marc by Marc Jacobs). Having not brushed my hair in two days, and little interest in putting on much clothing, it proved to be a great solution in my getting-ready-for-dinner dilemma.

{YSL Extreme Coral lipstick//Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray}