Perfectly slouchy


{Prada sweater, Lilly Pulitzer jeans, Valentino flats, Valentino Red purse, Tom Ford sunglasses, Massi Cavallo bracelet, Estée Lauder Hot Spell polish}

It seems like the only editorial I read anymore is the short, succinct weekly Net-a-Porter magazine. The fashion advice is spot on and feels fresh since they put up new content every 7 days. When discussing iconic closet staples in the latest issue, one of their respected writers mentioned Jane Birkin’s perfectly slouchy grey cashmere sweater. I’ve been missing such sweater from my collection, and set out to find it immediately. I successfully uncovered it in the men’s department at Prada, not cheap, but since I’ve already worn it 3 out of the last 4 days I have a feeling the cost per wear will make it more reasonable.



LOve IS A STranger

{And I want you//And I want you//And I want you so//It’s an obsession}

Wish I had named my blog this. The lyrics are just simply too perfect. Especially in describing my obsession with this season’s Prada.

And for the record, as my first grade teacher can attest, I’ve been obsessing over pop-art fruit way before Muiccia.

p dot s, Speaking of Annie L., singing Walking on Broken Glass, speeded through the desert, squeezed in the backseat of Booker’s car with Leigh Bee, M.B., Fat, and Ray– top five fav ME moments.

{Love is a danger //Of a different kind//To take you away//And leave you far behind}

{And love love love//Is a dangerous drug}