May Cause Miracles


I was looking into yoga and meditation retreats in the Dominican Republic, when I realized I could very easily do something similar at home. Marin County, where I’m from, is pretty much overrun with hippies, healers, and yogis. And this way I would get to see my family, who I miss constantly living in New York. I made an agenda, sample day below, and tried to get centered while still sleeping at home. It’s officially one of my favorite vacations to date.

Right before I left, Dawn lent me a copy of Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. A 40-day guide to leaving your fears behind. It was the perfect way to keep my goal on track (because honestly, I could have very easily posted on my couch and watched a Law and Order marathon with a bag of Cheetos and been pretty happy). Each morning you wake up and read that day’s goal. They are simple and easy to understand, kinda dorky, but catchy, like “Gratitude is my Attitude.” Then that night you meditate on your day and what your learned. I ended up buying copies for my aunt and cousin as well so we can do it together. If any of you want to join in, email me! I would love to swap notes.


8am                             Meditation and run in China Camp

9:30-10:45am           Yoga in Larksper Landing

12pm                            Acupuncture 130 Greenfield #2 San Anselmo 94960

2-3pm                          Make Gazpacho and photograph

4pm                              Massage

Dinner with family (movie?)

Ps, aren’t these peonies kinda miraculous? I got them for $6.95 at Trader Joes.



Ten thousand things


{ Manicure from Marie Nails, moon and star confetti from Greenwich Letterpress }

♫♪ Macklemore and Ryan Lewis — Ten Thousand Hours

The Buddhists say that in meditation you trick the mind and shift your focus away from “the 10,000 things.” The 10,000 things being all the crap in life that you don’t need to think about– which is all that I’ve been thinking about lately.

What am I going to wear to this event, what am I going to wear to that event, daydream after daydream, where to eat dinner, oh yeah I haven’t been on Pinterest in a while, tweet, tweet, I should finish my book, I need to download a new book, what’s my Kindle password, don’t eat that, god why did I eat that, should I get a haircut, what’s the deal with white nail polish, and then it all goes on repeat. Again and again.

But, that’s why I started meditation in the first place. To find the space in between my thoughts. The quietness. Because seriously, I’m going to go crazy if I keep thinking about whether or not I should get the Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” heel or the Steve Madden knockoffs (they’re really good knockoffs).

To get back to the calm, I’ve booked a trip home to California for the week after next. T-minus ten days!