iHeart this

{ Joy Cioci jacket, Levi’s jeans, Stuart Weitzman heels c/o, vintage purse, Chloe scarf }

Saturday morning my friend Fatima came over to show me her amazing new creation: Heart Parts. The biodegradable, heart-shaped forks and knives are meant to spread love and encourage people to share a meal with someone they heart. The perfect thing for your holiday party hors d’oeuvres, don’t you think?


FAlling BAck INto IT

{Eryn Brinie skirt, J.Crew cardigan, Anne Fontaine lace top, leather jacket, Anya Hinmarch bag, Samantha House necklace}

Heading back to New York has been bitter sweet. On one hand I get to see my much-missed friends, I don’t have to survive on the same five dresses, and I’ll never have to eat hummus ever, ever again. On the other hand, I was sublimely happy abroad, loved experiencing new things every day, and met an amazing group of people. On top of it, I’ve been feeling a bit of culture shock, even though it’s my culture I’ve returned to!

To make the transition easier, I’m going to be blogging about reasons to love New York over the next couple of days. (The inspiration is obviously my most favorite annual issue of New York Magazine.)

Today, I loved 1) that the barista at my favorite coffee house asked me where I’d been and told me he missed me 2) the crunching of yellow leaves under my feet and 3) that I could unabashedly wear head-to-toe black without looking goth, out of place, or the least bit morbid.

{Note to self: get.hair.cut}

{gifted Stuart Weitzman shoes}