CHocolate and PB SQuares {NO BAke}

Yesterday I was craving something satisfying and sweet. So, I did what any girl would do: I googled peanut butter and chocolate. This recipe came up and I just happened to have all of the ingredients in my kitchen. It took all of ten minutes to make, and there was plenty left over for me to wrap in a ribbon and bring to a friend who was having a particularly I-swear-mercury-is-in-retrograde, I-missed-the-subway-by-two-seconds, all-men-are-jerks kind of day. Needless to say, these cured her instantly (I left before the sugar high wore off).


NO-BAke BAking

Yesterday I stumbled up my new favorite recipe site Tastologie. It’s just simply fantastic. Scrumptious photos and delectable recipes galore. As per usual I was drawn toward chocolate, ooey gooey, sugary-ness and settled upon this fabulous no-bake recipe.

With all the stress of my current project coming to a stressful close, I have to admit that I’ve been consuming more than my share of sweets (how else am I supposed to say up until 2 am every night for a week with no alcohol involved?).  These S’mores brownies were incredibly satisfying, and yet so, so easy– they make me wish for no-money-needed shopping, no-dieting weightloss, no-exercise cardio, and no-effort success. And, maybe no-there-may-be-side-affects Botox?