I’ve been living in my apartment for over two years now but until this week, have never got around to hanging much art. Finally I invested in some gorgeous prints from Leigh Viner awhile ago in hopes of starting my own wall o’ art like this one. I followed these tips to arranging the pieces and am planning on filling in the holes with smaller pieces I’ve been eyeing at the Brooklyn flea market. And no, my desk is not usually this clean.

Since interior design doesn’t come naturally for me, I rely on Design*Sponge, Apartment 34, Rue Magazine, The City Sage, and Lonny Magazine. Where do you look for inspiration?

1) You’ll need a hanging kit, screw driver, and hammer (or drill).

2) Make sure to tape a print or picture to the matting so it doesn’t fall after it’s hung (trust me, I skipped this step and regretted it later).

3) Windexing both sides of the glass ensures there isn’t any dirt on the inside of the picture.

5) Different size frames and uneven placement makes the collection look unpredictable or too “uptown” (god forbid).