Love is a drug like chocolate like cigarettes


{Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply jean jacket, Current/Elliot jeans, Schoolhouse tee, Zara heels, Tom Ford sunglasses, LL Bean tote}

♫♪ Mika — Origin of Love

I often think I should have named my blog “T-shirts and Jeans”, because really it’s all I want to wear/talk about. I would profile all the best t-shirts, especially the thin gauzy kind and analyze my favorite skinny and wide legs jeans ad nauseam. T-shirts and jeans 24/7. For example, these are my favorite distressed jeans from Current/Elliot, and since I’m a sucker for logo tees, I couldn’t pass this one up (you can get it 20% off here by using the code “ROMANCE”). Boom, there we go, first “T-shirt and jeans” post plus a hook up.



Even though we ain’t got money

{Marie Marie dress, Tom Ford sunglasses, Loeffler Randall flats, 3.1 Philip Lim sweater}

♫♪Loggins and Messina — Danny’s Song

With summer whispering in everyone’s ear this weekend it was easy to get swept up in the moment. We had dinner under stung lights Saturday night and spent the good part of Sunday just laying in the grass looking up at Central Park’s trees. One of my favorite things about summer is throwing on a light dress, flats and sunglasses and being ready to go for the day. Eventually the temperature did drop though, just in time to remind us that spring hasn’t completely left us.