WEdding BLiss

Porter Gray dress, Aldo “Fawson” heels, vintage clutch, vintage bangles, In God We Trust heart necklace, Zoe Chicco ring necklace

Andrew eloped in Vegas in January. With an Elvis priest and everything. But that isn’t stopping him from having a blow out wedding reception in New York. The Black Crowes are playing. Just about every cute boy I ever had a crush on in college is going to be there.

And so I give you the outfit that I’ve been pondering every since I wrote about it here. The shoes are killer tall but I swear they give me supermodel Miranda Kerr legs. And the dress is the perfect amount of baggy to cover up the fact that I’m without fail going to eat at least three pieces of cake.



I have a penchant for small dainty rings. I am currently wearing six Helen Ficalora diamond (very small diamond) bands on my pointer finger. I sleep in them, go to the gym in them, do cartwheels in them, make cookies in them, and in all honestly I’m not sure I could take them off if I tried.

I recently found a new jewelry designer, Ariel Gordon, who also makes stackable rings. When I met with her last week she said that she makes jewelry that you can live in, jewelry that you don’t have to take off. She spoke to my heart (and fingers) and I have to admit I am lusting over her whole collection.

1. Ariel Gordon 2. Zoe Chicco 3. Marcia Morgan 4. Ariel Gordon 5. Helen Ficalora 6. Ashley Morgan